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The Spine Surgeon You Can Trust For
Outstanding Outcomes

Leading-edge, minimally invasive spine surgery in New Jersey

When you have unbearable back pain, you want a spine surgeon you can trust to give you maximum relief with minimum risk.

Dr. Louis Quartararo (Dr. Q) has spent his career pioneering minimally invasive spine surgery techniques to treat spinal pain and disease with tinier incisions, faster recovery times and outstanding outcomes.

Dr. Q opened his back surgery center in Paramus, New Jersey in 2000 as a place where patients can get the safest and most advanced spine care medical science has to offer. He is one of only a few specialists in the New York metropolitan area to perform endoscopic lumbar fusion as an outpatient surgery to correct degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis and other spinal disorders.

The results of his work have gained Dr. Q a national reputation and have made NJ Spine Institute the practice other doctors visit when they have back problems of their own.

Your Care

Focusing on your care and comfort

At NJ Spine Institute, we take a concierge-style approach to medicine. We schedule longer appointments than most practices so we can get to know you and review your case thoroughly. We take pleasure in educating you about your condition and treatment options. We never want you to leave our office feeling confused or afraid.

As a valued patient, you will receive premier-class service before, during and after your visit. Our staff will coordinate all your related appointments, such as MRIs and physical therapy. We’ll file your insurance claims and be mindful of your need to keep out-of-pocket costs down.

Your Diagnosis

The right diagnosis leads to the right treatment

True relief from back pain starts with an accurate diagnosis of your condition. A misdiagnosis can lead to a frustrating trial of ineffective treatments or, worse, inappropriate surgery.

Dr. Q is an expert diagnostician. Having served thousands of patients over his 15-year career as a board-certified, fellowship-trained spine and orthopedic trauma surgeon, he often detects problems other doctors have missed.

His diagnostic work is so respected that other doctors and attorneys call on him for second opinions for patients who have found little relief working with other medical practitioners.

Your Treatment

The right treatment leads to relief

Dr. Q takes a conservative approach to treatment, and recommends spinal surgery only if non-invasive treatments have been unsuccessful or your condition won’t improve (or will get worse) without surgery. He may prescribe pain management, physical therapy, chiropractic or acupuncture as a first line of treatment.

When surgery is the right treatment, Dr. Q has pioneered surgical techniques that are less invasive than the minimally invasive techniques other surgeons perform. This makes it possible for him to do 90% of his surgeries on an outpatient basis. His mission is to relieve your back pain in a way that puts the least stress on you and your body.